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Costs Associated with Shed Moves
Pricing can have a significant range based on the size of the shed that needs to be moved and the costs near you. Costs Vary

Where to start when trying to get my shed moved. Where to Start:

There are a couple ways you could start your research into local shed moving operators. Firstly, consider checking with your area's Better Business Bureau (BBB). Many companies that care about their reputation maintain accredited status with the local BBB and work hard to clear up any complaints. Using a BBB accredited company may offer you leverage in the case you are not 100% happy with the shed move. An even quicker way to start might be to pick up the phone and call a few local towing companies.

If the tow companies can't do it, they often know who has the right equipment for the job. Remember they get calls all the time to tow all sorts of crazy stuff, and most veteran tow truck drivers have had at least a little exposure to the challenges of hauling or relocating a shed. Some areas have unique restrictions on the size of a building or structure being relocated. In many cases, as local tow truck driver will be very familiar with the shed permitting process and may be able to guide you down a path rather quickly as compared to you trying to figure it out and navigate unfamiliar territory on your own. Some tow companies are specialized only in sheds and small barns. Other companies are more focused on larger structures and you may find their prices significantly hire, so be sure to get several price quotes and ask lots of questions.

Typical pricing from a proper shed moving company is around $250 for the first hour, plus approximately $100 per additional hour. Obviously prices vary based on location. The clock generally starts when they leave their facility (or start heading your way from a job site). The clock usually stops when they return to their station, or next job site. Keep in mind pricing varies significantly from town to town and company to company

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Shed moving site preparation cost estimates in my region or area of the country. Site Preparation Rough Estimated Cost

Don't let shed and storage building site preparation fees catch you off guard! Obviously site preparation fees can vary widely, starting at $0.00. At the same time, spending $0.00 and/or zero time on site prep probably won't bode well for the investment you are making in your shed. Even worse, many people don't think through the site prep and site plan until the shed mover is on site with the shed, at which point panic sets in and the cost for the shed mover to either wait around or help you out or a combination of both could drive the costs sky high, and it happens a lot because it's an easy part of the process to overlook since most people tend to think only about the actual movement of the structure to the site.

Listed below are the standard prices of a reputable shed mover. These are probably mid-range prices, so you might adjust up or down relative to the cost-of-living or cost-of-labor/services in your area. Certainly the costs could be lowered for people willing and able to do all or some of the work themselves. These rates are more relevant to someone who is interested in hiring/contracting out the entire shed moving project.


Site Preparation Estimated Fee
8x10' Shed $350
10x10' Shed $375
10x12' Shed $400
10x14' Shed $425
10x16' Shed $450
10x18' Shed $475
10x20' Shed $500
12x16' Shed $525
12x18' Shed $575
12x20' Shed $600
12x22' Shed $625
12x24' Shed $650

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